Roberta Nikolic

Roberta received a Bachelor of Music Diploma from the Academy Of Music, Montenegro, in 1988, graduating in majors: singing, piano, chorus conducting and harmony. She also graduated from the Trebas Institute in Toronto, Ontario with a Film & TV Production diploma.

Roberta has taken part in many contemporary and classical vocal concerts throughout Canada and former Yugoslavia. She has performed in various National Festivals and released an album and video with theatrical and musical performances for children (Belgrade-Serbia, 1993).

Roberta is an experienced piano teacher, vocalist and composer for theatre, classical and pop music. Some of her voice students made it to the finals of Canadian Idol (top 32), while others are currently accepted in colleges and universities studying musical theatre, vocal, art and acting.

Roberta teaches piano and voice up to RCM Grade 10. Her true passion is helping students reach their dreams and pass on the enthusiasm to live for music and beauty of it.

Roberta is a very experienced at both voice lessons and piano lessons.

Oxana Stanislavskaya

Mississauga Fine Arts Academy is a wonderful place for our kids to be. The teachers are very knowledgeable and professional. They teach with tremendous patience and a positive attitude. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.


Oxana Stanislavskaya / parent
Annie and Roy Gunpat

Mississauga Fine Arts Academy is a very reputable school for music learning; has a very friendly and talented staff; very welcoming at all times; teachers are hardworking and diligent not forgetting very accommodating...

Annie and Roy Gunpat / parents
Boris & Mirela Vojnovic

My older daughter had a pleasure of learning about music from great teachers at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for 4 years. We are very happy with her progress and considering that neither of us has any talent or knowledge in that area, we are astounded by her achievement so far....



Boris & Mirela Vojnovic / parents

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