Welcome to Mississauga Fine Arts Academy Free Masterclass Series. We are glad you are here curious mind. Please scroll down to see what we have for you. Whether you want to learn or try a new instrument, jam along with our talented teachers, increase your creativity by learning how to improvise, or unveil your talent for signing, we have it all for you. Spots are limited; sign up for lessons by April 15th and enjoy more than 40 hours of FREE live lessons (Value $1320) in addition to your regular classes. We can’t wait to see you there.

Learn to Play Flute

In this class, you will be introduced to the flute and the fundamentals of the instrument. We will focus on sound production, embouchure, and learning the first notes!

Totally Classic Rock – Biography

The life and times of famous musicians and bands: Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Elton John, Rush, Frank Zappa.

Pop-arazzi: Decades of Popular Music

Explore, discover, and discuss more than one hundred years of popular music in this interactive web series featuring a variety of songs, artists, and genres. Boy Bands of the 1990s (NSYNC & Backstreet Boys), Girls Groups of the 1990s (Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child), Heavy Metal of the 1980s, Jazz of the 1950s, Delta Blues of the 1920-40s

Learning Your Fretboard

Every guitar student learns their open strings and first few frets, but what about the rest of the neck? In this class, we will learn how to identify and memorize the notes anywhere on the guitar neck and learn when and why you might play notes in different places than usual.

Introduction to Electric Guitar Technique

If you’re an acoustic or classical guitarist looking for a way into electric guitar playing this class is for you! We will learn the function of an electric guitar and amplifier, including what all the knobs and switches do, as well as learn how to perform various signature electric guitar techniques like string bending, tapping, vibrato, and more. Suitable for any level.

The CAGED System For Guitar: Master Your Guitar Neck

The guitar is a uniquely complicated instrument to learn as each note can be played in multiple places. The CAGED system is a brilliant and simple method of organizing the fretboard to learn your notes, scales, and chords anywhere on the guitar and be able to unlock the power of the fretboard. In this class, we will learn the basics of CAGED and apply it to our instruments, as well as learn how to apply it to song learning, writing, and improvising. Best suited to students who know some basic chords and scales already, but open to anyone.

Intro to Spanish/Flamenco Guitar

Learn the basics of the Spanish guitar style with all its flourish, passion, and energy. Will cover simple but exciting techniques and learn some strumming patterns and songs from this impressive and beautiful style of guitar playing.

Fun Fun Fundamentals: Introduction to Piano Keyboard

Ever thought of playing the piano? Maybe a little nervous about learning a new instrument? Don’t worry, nothing is easier than playing the piano. In this class, we focus on making it as simple as possible! Just learn the basics in this class and everything else follows!

Fun Fun Fundamentals: Understanding How Music is Made

Not as boring as you think – Music theory can be very complicated and confusing. In this segment, we will demystify theory and simple ways for theory to compliment our creative spirit and musical practice.

Mindful Music Classes

Various styles of music will be played and you move your body to that form of music and describe how you feel and how that music makes you feel. You can also draw a picture of how that song makes you feel.

Compose a Small Song – Part 1

Using basic Chords C MAJOR G MAJOR F MAJOR. D MAJOR and A MAJOR we will compose a small piece on the piano. You can even add words to the pieces. If you are a singer then you can write a song as well. One class will be on music and lyrics the next will be on performance.

Compose a Small Song – Part 2

Using basic Chords C MAJOR G MAJOR F MAJOR. D MAJOR and A MAJOR we will compose a small piece on the piano. You can even add words to the pieces. If you are a singer then you can write a song as well. One class will be on music and lyrics the next will be on performance.

The Music Lab: Hands-on Experiments in Music and Science

Music from all around the world can sound different but still have a similar meaning. Can you tell what kind of song you’re listening to? Take part in this interactive game/scientific experiment to find out! World Music Quiz, Test Your Musical IQ. 

Write and Mix a Song Together

Aren’t songs one of the best creative inventions of man? It soothes the mind and brings forth an array of different emotions. In this masterclass, familiarize yourself with principles in songwriting, explore software, a digital audio workstation, and how to make music within the digital age.

Be Creative. Learn to Improvise

Improvisation – as a spontaneous response to internal (imaginary) or external (environmental) stimulus. In this class, you will begin exploring some basic ideas behind improvisation in music. You will learn to apprehend certain qualities in music which are the tools of understanding, the building blocks of musical language. You will explore basic relationships between harmony (chords) and melody (tune). You will take a familiar tune and improvise with it to draw different variations.

Being Creative: Making Your Music Your Own

Music instruction can focus heavily on technical elements and loses sight of the creative spirit of music. This class centres on organizing and applying our creative spirit to make music easier, more personal, and more fun!

Songwriting Masterclass for Beginners and Aspiring Artists

In this masterclass for artists and musicians of all ages, students will study popular song forms and common harmonic structures used in music over the years. They will learn how to apply industry standards to their writing while crafting and shaping their own original melodies and lyrics! Come join us for a songwriting jam from home!

Introduction to Improvisation

Improvisation is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of music. Regardless of your instrument or style it is key to learning the language of music. In this class we will cover the basic concepts of improvising and give you the tools to start making music anytime, anywhere! For all instruments.

Bass Funk: Introduction to Rhythm, Groove, and Technique

Ever want to play something so groovy that you can’t help but dance? Want to learn how to slap bass? Want to learn how to love your metronome? This class will give you the basics of bass playing, how to hold a groove and the mechanics of slap bass.

Violin Jam & Sing-a-Long

Welcoming student of any experience in music! The young beginners are invited to sing and clap to their favourite popular songs, meanwhile, more experienced players are welcome to play along on their instruments! Songs featured: Dance Monkey, Dynamite, Girls Like You, Seniorita, Havana, Despacito, And more! If you know the tune – join us!

Violin Technique for Beginners 

Students can have up to a year of experience taking lessons or sign up to experience learning violin before they take lessons. In this class, we will master the foundations of learning to make a quality sound on the violin. We will practice fun bowing exercises, posture, and breathing techniques that help with tone quality. If you don’t have a violin yet ~ bring a pencil to practice your bow hold! If you play violin already ~ join us with your instrument for all the fun!

Solfège and Ear Training for Beginners and Young Musicians

In this interactive masterclass, the students will learn the primary language of music, rooted in Suzuki, Codaly, Orff, and Dalcroze methods. Through easy and fun exercises, songs, and games, we will build our musical grammar together step-by-step. The best thing about this class is, you can use what you learn, no matter what your instrument of choice is! No previous experience is required to join.

Introduction to Jazz

Learn the techniques and skills required to begin playing jazz music. By the end of the class, every student will be able to improvise over a simple jazz progression, play good jazz rhythms and chords and develop an appreciation for this mesmerizing genre of music. All instruments welcome!

Classical Guitar: Warmup Routine & Technique Exercises

Incorporating a focused warm up before playing your pieces, scales and other exercises will bring your playing to another level over time and healthier connection with your instrument. In this class you will learn how to warm up starting from simple movements that are the basics of overall technique and then compound movements which are combinations of the former. We’ll focus on one hand at a time and learn to play effortlessly with control and precision.

Disney Theme Songs

Pick your favourite Disney song whether it’s a Villain or a Hero. Prince or Princess. Dress up in costume. In this Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to act out as the character ….in how they sing and act in that particular song. You will become that character. Movement and acting are a part of this class.

Sight Singing for Young Musicians

This class is available to all instrumentalists and vocalists; even complete beginners! You will learn the basics of notation, the conceptualization of pitch, and rhythm as a means of reading music. Through fun tutorials, you will deepen your understanding of melody and its direction when sight-singing.

Nursery Rhyme Sing-a-long

Join us as we sing some favorite tunes and learn some new ones! This interactive class for young children provides an introduction to simple melody lines and rhythm. Be ready to do some actions and have some fun! Age 4-8

Essential Ear Training for all Instruments and Vocalists

Developing the ability to hear, remember and recognize musical ideas will greatly improve your overall musicality as well as will enhance your listening experience. In this class, we will learn to hear and identify possible notes in the melody by their relationship to its tonality. We will use this skill to play/sing by ear familiar melodies and instantly recall them on the instrument. If time permits we’ll spend some time identifying and transcribing rhythmic ideas and their placement in relation to the meter/beat.

Vocal Technique Masterclass – Layers of the Voice.

This masterclass is for beginner or intermediate vocal students interested in unlocking their full voice. We will analyze the many tonal layers and qualities of the voice, as well as the anatomy of proper breathing. Students will hone in on their individual voice type and learn how to pick the right songs to sing. Come discover your true voice!