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Learn a musical instrument, discover the world of music
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Get creative, improvise and learn new technique
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Free Music Lessons - Learn An Instrument

Music heals. It refreshes our souls and boosts our immune system. 

In these challenging times, we use technology to comment with family and friends to not only encourage each other but to also entertain and share our love for music. 

Undeniably, music also helps us bring back that community connection. It bonds us together even when we are apart, and gives us hope and a desire for a better amp brighter tomorrow. It simply helps us stay positive and engaged.

The evidence of this is in the many vides shared throughout social media, in which people and musicians sing and play instruments from their balconies just for the love of sharing their passion with the community.

To share this love of music through joy, giving, and gratitude, the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy has created a free music lesson "Masterclass Series" which helps music lovers connect, learn, create, jam and sing!

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Testimonial excerpt: “The Mississauga Fine Arts Academy has helped our children with their academics, improved their social skills and overall development. I admire the school’s professionalism and recommend it to everyone”

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Testimonial excerpt: “I found out about the school from an online review and after visiting the school with my husband, we both felt like they had an immediate connection with the piano teacher.

After signing up our daughter for piano lessons for nine months, we found that our daughter was more focused, not only on her piano lessons but also at school and homework. The participation in piano performances and concerts has really helped our very shy daughter become more outgoing.”

These free music lessons online are in addition to the regularly scheduled classes. They are heated towards anyone who wants to connect with others through learning about music, learning a new instrument, singing, songwriting, and making. music in general.

The great value of master lessons is that they are taught by the highly experienced music-teachers from the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy. The professionals are talented musicians who provide an exceptional environment for learning about what they love the most, music.

The work tirelessly to develop and host these online Masterclass Series for anyone who wants to learn music, at no cost.

If you are already a music-student at the academy, these free lessons could help you further improve your instrument playing skills, nudge you to learn a new instrument, discover singing and songwriting, and even understand the many different ways and aspects of making music. 

If you are not already an active student, these music lessons provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn more. about the history of music, fundamentals of music, how music helps the body heal, learn to play an instrument and voice lessons. 

For parents who may be considering sing-along classes for their young children, ages 4 to 8, should know that this sing-along experience includes many familiar and much-loved nursery rhymes.

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Testimonial excerpt: “My children enjoy playing music, and it has become part of their daily routine, so much so, that they iss it when they are on vacation. They both learned to read music through their lessons at the school.”

Children could also have their free piano, guitar or singing lesson for their first time and be able to learn some of the the basics of an instrument. It's essential to keep their young brains active, occupied and open to learning new creative skills. Children love to be engaged and connected with teachers who unselfishly share their wealth of knowledge with others. 

The free Masterclass Series lessons provide an opportunity for students to experience the joy of learning they might be missing these days. 

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Testimonial excerpt: “Music is a way to connect everyone and I really like my guitar teacher’s style of teaching because he listens to what I want to learn and adapts his teaching to my individual needs.”

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Testimonial excerpt: “I play the violin at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for about three years now, and I love my teacher because she makes me feel like I belong. There is great satisfaction in learning to play an instrument.

If you persevere and keep trying you will overcome and feel very accomplished. Music is for everyone!”

Children love to learn things, and music is especially fun.

This free Masterclass Series has a limited number of participants per session and registration is now open to everyone interested. 

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