July 2019

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  • Musical Ladder Achievements
  • Teachers with waiting lists
  • Mark your calendar
  • Student of the month – Trevor!
  • Welcome New Students
  • Summer Referral Contest Winner
  • Benefits of taking summer classes
  • Thank you for your referrals
  • New Referral Contest 
Music School Teacher and Student - Benefits of taking summer classes

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Mark Your Calendar

 Summer Break
Aug 27 – Sep 3 Closed

Theory Exams Summer session
August 10

Practical exams Summer session
August 12 – 24

What are the Benefits of Taking Summer Classes?

Benefits of taking summer classes 4

Over the Summer many students have a lot of free time to try different activities: swimming, soccer, new languages…and especial music! This Summer our school was busier than ever before with so many students learning new music, practicing for RCM exams, and even trying new instruments! What a fun way to spend the Summer! We hope everyone has enjoyed enriching their break with music. 

• Fun and Motivating – Summer is the perfect time to break from the routing and help the student learn music of their choice whether it be a song they heard on the radio or a challenging classical piece.

Greater Focus – Without the worries of homework, sports games and practices, and other school-time activities, the students can devote time and attention to their summer music lessons and practice. Better focus leads to better practice!

Time for Something New – Many of our students show interest in learning an additional instrument during the school year. Summer is the best time to try out a new instrument.

No Backtracking – When students take a full summer break from their instruments, it only means one thing – time to backtrack in the Fall! Everyone knows that saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This is true in all disciplines including learning how to play an instrument. Instead of backing tracking for the first month or two in the Fall, our students use their summer music lessons to keep making progress.

Summer Referral Contest Winner

Here at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy, we love meeting new faces and friends that are just as passionate about music as we are! That’s why we like doing referral contests to give back to the students that share the word about our academy. This month we had a draw for four tickets to Wonderland, and Harleena was our lucky winner! She brought her friend Tanishi to the school and we are so happy to have both of them here. Even more exciting, Harleena was previously one of our features for Student of the Month!

Congratulations Harleena, and we hope you have an amazing time at Wonderland and that both you and Tanishi have fun practicing music together!

Summer Referral Cont Winners

Student of The Month


This month, we asked Savic about one of his star students and he told us all about Trevor! Trevor is 13 years old and plays the flute with us!We asked Trevor a few questions about himself and this is what he told us:What instrument do you play?: Flute

How long have you been taking lessons? 5 months

What’s your favourite song to play? Romany Song

What is your favourite food? French Fries

What is your favourite thing you learned in class recently? Playing music and Savic’s jokes

What is your favourite colour? White


We asked Savic about his lessons with Trevor, and this is what he told us:

“Trevor comes in every week with a good attitude. He works hard, asks good questions, and always does an excellent job on any assignments he’s given. In 6 short months Trevor has made a year’s worth of progress on the flute”

Congratulations on your achievement Trevor, and we can’t wait to see what else you’ll have in store for us!

S.o.t.M Trevor

Musical Ladder Achievements

Musical Ladder Yahia
Yahia Drum Lessons with Luke J.
Musical Ladder Shannon & Lauren
Shannon Piano Lessons with Vira B; Lauren Piano Lessons with Jerry Z
Musical Ladder Xyrelle
Xyrelle Vocal lessons with Sam M
Musical Ladder Ruban
Ruban Guitar Lessons with Bernardo

New Referral Contest

Referall Contest July 2019

Refer your friend to the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy between July 15 – October 15, 2019.

If one of your friend sings up for lessons:

• You will get your choice of $25 Amazon Card or $25 Movie Card.

• Your friend will get a FREE $25 registration

You and your friend will be entered in our draw to win 4 tickets combo to Ripley’s Aquarium plus Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

You don’t have to be a School student to enter the contest!

Thank You for Your Referrals!

A BIG THANK YOU to several individuals, for referring their friends to Mississauga Fine Arts Academy! It’s wonderful to have such strong supporters who spread the word about MFAA in the Mississauga community! We’d like to give a special shout out to the 

Kumaran Family, Chua Family, Olavario Family, Nguyen Family, Mohamed Family, 

Walton Family, Kundu Family, Ghosh Family, Sito Family, Chen Family, Drece Family, and Saha Family 


Welcome New Students

Xavier W

Hanna A

Byran E

Alvin L

Ziyun (Eva) T

Maya W

Maxim O

Czarina O

Avni B

Tanishi K

Arpita G

Joshua S

Toby O

Megan O

Romina E

Rozita E

Gabriel B

Susan S

Destan D

Li (Simon) C

Amy N

Emma N

Maryam A

Valentina M

Lance J

Ariyana V

Rebeca R

Adrian L

Fiona C

Ranzel D

Reynaldo E

Katherine M

Pessan M

Candice N

Alex P

Zoya A

Ananya V

Is Your Teacher Fully Booked?

Many teachers are fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lesson spots available.

To inquire about openings send an e-mail to info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com or call us 905-276-0521.

Here’s a partial list of who is currently full:


Alex H - 2 spots remaining

Bernardo A - 1 spot remaining

Jack L - Fully booked

Luke J - Fully booked

Michael G - 2 spots remaining

Mike M - Fully Booked

Nick R - 1 spot remaining


Felix F - 2 spots remaining

Sharif A - 3 spots remaining 

Vira B - 1 spot remaining



Geoff M - 2 spots remaining

Jack L - Fully booked

Nick R - 1 spot remaining

Sean C - 1 spot remaining


Alexandra K - 3 spots remaining

Geoff M - 2 spots remaining

Jerry Z - 3 spots remaining

Katrina Z - 3 spots remaining

Lesya K - 2 spots remaining

Mariana C - Fully Booked

Monica V - 1 spot remaining

Nadiya R - Fully Booked

Oksana I - 3 spots remaining

Stella L - 2 spots remaining

Vilija V - Fully booked


André R - 3 spots remaining

Luke J - Fully booked

Sam M - 1 spot remaining

Kiki L - 2 spots remaining


André R - 3 spots remaining

Jerry Z - 3 spots remaining


Glenn M - 2 spots remaining

Luke J - 1 spot remaining

Bernardo A - 1 spot remaining


Sharif A - 2 spots remaining


Savic P - 1 spot remaining

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