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They've Sad It Better Than We Ever Could


Hello, I'm Mateja. I've been playing a classical guitar at the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy since 2015, which means that I have been a part of this amazing family for about five years now, and what I really love about our school is definitely the energy of the teachers. They all have this professional demeanour about them. I mean, you can always talk to them about anything music-related, and they will always know what they are talking about, they always know what they are doing.

The other thing I really like about our school is definitely the many competitions you can enter, like for example, there is the Kiwanis Music Festival, that's one; there is also my personal favourite the Peel Music Festival, where you can compete for medals and ribbons. I actually have one right here that I got last year for first place at the Peel Music Festival.

So, I personally would strongly recommend Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for anybody that wants to learn music here in the Mississauga area. Teachers are always very patient, and they will help you play music to the best of your ability and even understand music theory, which was something I thought I couldn’t do, but here I'm today with the help of Mississauga Fine Arts Academy.


We love Mississauga Fine Arts Academy! My name is Madeleine and I've been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Nadia for four years.

Hi, my name is Sophie and I've been playing piano with Mrs. Vera for two years. -- We love Mississauga Fine Arts Academy because all the teachers and staff are super encouraging and supportive.

We love playing piano! If you are thinking of taking music lessons, make sure to check-out Mississauga Fine Arts Academy. They are the best!


Hi, my name is Noor and I'm currently a Violin student at the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy. Ever since I was younger, I always dreamed of playing the violin, and the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy has helped me grow tremendously with every class that I take.

In the two years that I've been enrolled in this school, there's this one program that I truly enjoy. Every few months you earn either a bracelet, or a trophy, to showcase that you are learning in those past few months. From the most welcoming staff to the most talented teachers, this is the music school you want to go to.


Hi, everyone. I'm Hannah, and I've learned the piano at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for five years. Everyone there is really welcoming and friendly. The academy is a very lively place where you get to learn new things and make new friends.

I've recommended a few of my friends there, and they had learned a lot of fun and interesting songs and techniques. If you are someone who would like to learn an instrument, you should definitely learn at the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy.


Our son has been attending the academy since July 2019. he plays the guitar, and we have a phenomenal instructor who provides constructive feedback, a lot of helpful tips and hints throughout the session so that we walk away with some additional information to help practice throughout the week. We have been fully engaged with the academy as well, in terms of communication, as they use technology in a very productive way, and I appreciate that, especially in these difficult times right now.

So, being able to continue with our guitar lessons, helps to support the continuation of the routine that many parents need during the time that we are all home and trying to get through this time. So, I'm in a position to say I would recommend the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for the simple reason that we have seen progress in our child's development with the guitar, we have seen a lot of interaction and engagement with the instructor, and lastly as I said earlier, the engagement with us as parents in keeping us informed about the updates, changes and the initiatives that are happening has been in-point. So, we have no issues, and we are very happy.

I actually wish that they were around many years ago when I was taking piano lessons which probably would have been lot less tears on my end. Anyway, wishing you all the best - thank you!


My name is Pocholo, and I play guitar at the Fine Arts Academy. I've been
attending classes for two years. Michael is my guitar teacher.

I love the fact that he's inclusive, open, truthful, honest. Michael doesn't lie to me. He tells me what's better for me to be a better student. In the past two years, I was able to play songs like "Faded" by Justin Bieber and a wide variety of different themes from classical, acoustic songs. I learned different types of chords over the past years. It's been only two years.

So guys out there, music is fun. Just go for it if you want to.


Hi everybody, my name is Emma and I've been in the Academy for over 1.5 years, and I like to play the piano. And the thing that I like about the academy is that they teach me a lot of songs, and I like my teacher. They teach me a lot of songs. I play different songs every day.

Hi, my name is Felipe, and I've been also playing the piano, and I've been also in the academy for 1.5 years. And my favorite thing about the academy is that they have really good teachers, and I like to go to the academy because they teach really good, they help really good, and they are really nice.

And I also recommend it because each day you learn different songs, but the one thing is that you have to practice. Yeah, practice makes it perfect. All right. Thank you for watching.


Music is a way to connect everybody. My name is Fiza, and I play guitar at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy. I've been attending guitar lessons for seven months. My teacher is Jack, and I really like his teaching style because he listens to what you want to learn and teaches you what you're interested in.

I've used my skills playing in front of my friends, and I really like it. One of my other friends got inspired when I started to play an instrument and bought a guitar. She asked me to teach her how to play. Anybody can make music with anything. The world is literally music. You could take the floor and start stomping. That's music. You could take a ball or spoons and start hitting. It's music. So, anything in the world is music.


My name is Khyathi, and I play the violin. I've been studying at the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for almost three years. My teacher is amazing. She makes you feel like you belong every moment, even if you make mistakes, even if you make things wrong, she always makes you push forward and go forward, and when you finally learned how to do it successfully, that's the sweet thing I get from it, and that's why I learned violin. I think music is something that's for everyone.

You don't have to be a musician. You don't have to be an orchestra player. It's for everyone. No matter how good or bad you think you play, satisfaction at the end of the day is that you do learn how to play an instrument and when you face the hardships and finally learn how to play, it's that sweet success that I think everyone should want to play for.


My name is Noor, and I play the violin. I've been playing violin for about a year my teacher is very nice and very helpful. When I make mistakes, she helps me a lot so that I can perfect everything. I like that I learned new techniques every day, and I learned how to play smoothly.

Other kids should really try music, and they'll find out how much fun it is.


We heard about the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy from an online review. Our daughter has been there for about nine months now. My husband and I went and visited the school, we had an immediate connection with the piano instructor, and my daughter immediately felt very comfortable, very at home.

She has become more focused not only through her piano practice but also through her schoolwork and homework. She was very shy, and now, through doing these performances and concerts, it's really helped to bring her out of her shell.


My daughter has been in this music school for about a year, and she enjoys coming here. We started with another school. But because the teaching method, which doesn't match our requirements, is a little bit too high for the kids, she gradually lost interest in music, and I found that very serious and then I came here. I usually look around for the schools, and I found a school that looks professional to me. I tried for a month. It came out very well, so we decided to stay here. I am finally satisfied with my decision. I already recommended my colleague's son to come to the school because I found that kids need to build more interest in music at a young age than the technique in the music.

Teachers here are very nice, patient, and always encouraging, so the kids are interested in coming to school. Unlike before, when I tell my daughter we have a music school today, she wouldn't want to go. Now she says, oh yes, I want to see Miss Lesya. So that makes it very good for kids to learn music. Every day when she's practicing, I don't need to push her much. I just say, okay, it's the time, and your teacher asked you to do what? She says, oh yeah. That means they have a very good relationship between her and her teacher.

This recital is very good. Actually, I prefer if they can make more during the year. It would be awesome. It's a way for kids to gain more confidence, and it's good for them to perform in front of the public. That's another way to encourage them to practice at home. We always tell them to prepare themselves for performance. You might go to the concert one day. That's very encouraging for kids.


My name is Neetu Grewal. This is Jai Grewal. Jai plays the guitar he just started about two and a half months ago. He is very first time at a recital for him, very first time performing. We love it. The group's been amazing. We've had to miss a couple of classes and they've offered makeup classes. Everything is been amazing for us so far. It's such a great experience for the kids to experiment with instruments. We've learned today that there's gonna be rock bands which he absolutely loves. So just to grow it's another scale it's like another discipline. He enjoys practicing at home. It's great to see all the other kids that are there practicing and doing well and performing. It was really good.


My name is Farah and my daughter was performing here today at the living art centre and she was playing cello.She loves it. My two other boys are also planning to get admission into this music school. It's good to see all the kids performing. Music is a good activity and you should ncourage your kids to get involve in such kind of productive activities. Instead of playing on iPads and other things they should be involved in music.

Once you involved into it you can open up the computer and try to do music on your own. My daughter creates different tunes on her own and she's an inspiration for my other two kids.


My teacher today is playing at the concert and I'm pretty excited. I feel like he's very adaptable and he's very kind and generous. I've been playing for 7 years but my current teacher at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for me is the best.


I found the school to be very friendly. It's a safe environment. It's very bright, the rooms are spacious. Large waiting room and they have a lot of instruments that they offer to teach there at the school. I found it to be very inviting, very comfortable, very safe. I would highly recommend and would have other people go in and take a tour even, maybe try some lessons and go from there. Highly recommend it.


My two kids are taking piano classes. Both of my kids love it. They've been improving a lot and they enjoy it. I recommend it to people as well. When we see our friends we tell them that they should go and check it out.


My daughter is taking classes at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for nine months now. She started off very shy and not being able to play anything. The faculty is really nice and she loves her teacher. She's a totally different self after that and she has shown incredible skill and over the time it has been great. We'd like to coninue lessons.


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