November 2022

“There is music in the meadows, in the air. Autumn is here; Skies are gray, but hearts are mellow….” — William Stanley Braithwaite, “Lyric of Autumn”

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• We are celebrating our 600th Student Milestone

• Mark Your Calendar

• Highlights of the 5-Year Grand Reopening Celebration

• Top Choice Award

• Winter Recital

• Family Safety Plan

• Student of the Month

• Musical Ladder Achievements

• Teachers With a Waiting List

• Welcome New and Returning Students

• New Referral Contest

Celebrating 600th student at our school

Got news for the MFAA Newsletter? We welcome and encourage all submissions!

5-year Grand Reopening Anniversary

Celebrating 600th student at our school

Five years ago, we started our journey as the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy, completely rebuilding and rebranding our academy to reflect on the growing need in the community for musical education. We’re extremely proud of all our students, whether they join our programs for enjoyment and relaxation or the thrills and excitement of competitive stage performance.

Today we are celebrating 600 students. WHOO HOO!

Maintaining operations in Mississauga, MFAA’s total enrollments are expected to exceed 800 in the spring of next year. Originally a modest Piano Shop, Mississauga Fine Arts Academy realized the need in the community for musical education and began slowly incorporating classes to match the demand. Like our world, specifically our community, they are ever-changing and growing with time. We want our programs, teachers, and location to reflect this need for constant growth and development. Now offering lessons in vocals, guitar, drums, piano, violin, cello, woodwinds and more, we are happy to be a starting point or stepping stone in students’ musical education.

Mississauga Fine Arts Academy’s state-of-the-art facility offers 3,000 square feet and 14 classrooms equipped with acoustic pianos, full electric drum sets, adjustable benches, and footstools. Their university and college-trained teachers provide exceptional private lessons tailored to all students’ needs, along with friendly and professional staff that are more than happy to assist clients with any needs seven days a week.

Press release check HERE

Mark Your Calendar

Winter Recital – December 17th, 18th 

Top Choice Voting deadline – December 21st 

Winter Break – December 22nd – January 1st  

Top Choice Award! Please Vote for Us!

Social Media Post 2023

Our hearts are warmed by the fact that we’re nominated for the 2023 Top Choice Award for Top Choice Music School of 2023 in Mississauga.

We can’t thank you enough; we are where we are because of all of you! Winning the Top Choice Award is one of the most prominent endorsements a business can receive within North America, so your support means the world to us!

Now, we need your help to WIN! Voting is now open, and if you feel that we have earned your vote, we would appreciate your support.

Your vote will automatically enter you into a draw for a chance to win 1 of 4 cash

prizes of $500 given out by Top Choice Awards!!!! You can vote for us HERE.

Voting ends December 21st, 2022, at noon EST. If you believe we are your Top Choice, please show us some love and help us spread the word! Thank you for your time; we appreciate your vote!

P.S your written feedback in the survey is very important to us, as it allows us to know what you love about us and what we can improve to continue serving you every day and providing the best customer experience possible.

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Winter Recital

Our Winter Recital will be on Saturday, December 17th and Sunday, December 18th and will happen in the Living Arts Centre in the Rogers Theatre. As we have around 600 students at the Academy, this recital will take place over two days in multiple 1-hour time blocks.

We are excited to see all our students’ performances and share music with the community. The event is free of charge. We welcome everyone. Join us on December 17th or 18th for a festivity of holiday music.

Winter resital 2022 social media post

We are an Official Family Safety Plan Music School!

Safety plan

In order to keep our students, staff, and teachers safe, we have implemented the Family Safety Plan in our academy! This includes full-time office staff so that students and teachers are never left unsupervised, requiring extensive background checks of all of our teachers and staff, security cameras in all rooms, and an open-door policy for parents, which means that they’re always invited to sit in on their child’s lessons.

Office Staff

At the academy, we require office staff to be present during lessons. Many other music academies have tight budgets and cannot afford the extra expense of employing office staff. This means that a student and a teacher might be unsupervised together in a lesson at 7:00 at night. In our opinion, this is not a safe practice and is irresponsible on the part of the academy. Our academy always has office staff present so that students are never left alone with teachers.



Background Checks

We require that teachers and staff members undergo extensive background checks. Our teachers are required to pass a Criminal record and a Vulnerable sector check. We view this as a necessary measure to preserve the safety and integrity of our academy.




Security Cameras

The safety of our students is our top priority, so we have security cameras in every single room. The precautionary program may be costly to the academy, but such a feature is worth it if it keeps our students safe and gives the parents peace of mind.




Open-Door Policy

Our school has an open-door policy for parents, inviting them to sit in on their child’s lessons. Families look for this when selecting an appropriate music school for their students.

Student of The Month

Zenith P

We are very excited to announce that our November 2022 student of the month is Zenith! Zenith has been taking piano classes since January 2021 and is doing a tremendous job. Here’s what Ms. Danae, Zenith’s teacher, has to say about his wonderful achievements:

“Zenith is a very good student, always listening, he captures the instructions that I give him very quickly and reproduces them as expected. He has discipline at home, always does his homework, and his reading and playing skills have improved a lot. I feel that the piano is not only an entertainment but a serious part of his journey, and I am very proud of what he has accomplished, and I look forward to seeing him grow and teaching him.” – Ms. Danae

We also asked Zenith a few questions. Here are his answers:

What instrument(s) do you play?  Piano

How long have you been taking lessons? Almost two years

What is your favourite song to play? “Lavender’s Blue”

What is your favourite food? Sushi

What is your favourite thing you’ve learned recently in class? Not sure

What is your favourite colour? Red

Congratulations Zenith! We are so proud of your achievement, we can’t wait to see what you do next!


Musical Ladder Achievements

Kimaya K piano Kyle
Kimaya K is playing piano and her teacher is Mr. Kyle
Giorgia C piano Geoff
Giorgia C is playing piano and her teacher is Mr. Geoff
Samidh S guitar Alana
Samidh S is playing guitar and his teacher is Ms. Alana
Anoushka Arjun R piano Jerry Mariana
Anoushka and Arjun R are playing piano and their teachers are Mr. Jerry and Ms. Mariana

Highlights of the 5-Year Grand Reopening Celebration

Grand Reopening Celebration 2022

On November 11th and 12th, we celebrated our 5-Year Grand Reopening Anniversary. Big THANKS to all attendees.

Our special thanks to those who helped us make it happen. Our partners, Party Box, for making beautiful balloon arrangements and providing great face painting and balloon twisting service. Our long-term partner Dream Arts Video Production, for creating special video highlights and for their tremendous help in all our video projects throughout the years. Check out the NEW video HERE. Our long-term partner™, for creating a website, working diligently on maintaining our online presence, and helping us set up a press release for the event. Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scene preparing the academy and served students and parents during the event. Our front desk team, Alyssa Hansford, Larissa Khotchenkova, Arianne Garcia and Assistant director Michelle Peters. Teachers who provided demonstration classes Ms. Vira and Mr. Jonathan.

Thank you, students and parents, for all your support and love. This day could not be memorable without you in it. Thank you for sharing in our special day.

Pictures with your favourite teacher

It was great to have your picture done with your favourite teacher. Lots of memories.



The red carpet 

We set a red carpet in the lobby for our students and parents. It is a pleasure to make our students and parents feel special, as they are very special to us.




Tryout classes 

Often, it takes one lesson to fall in love with the instrument. If you want to try any instrument you like, let us know, and we’ll schedule a tryout class.







Face painting

Students had so much fun having their faces painted with their favourite characters.




Balloon twisting

Balloons are always such a joy, especially when twisted in various creative ways.





Instrument petting zoo

We set up a room with different instruments for students to try them all. Having a chance to touch and play an instrument gives you a better idea of which one you like the most. Especially when you try them the first time.




Demonstration classes

It is always great to have professional help to be introduced to a new instrument. Demonstration classes helped many new students choose an instrument to learn. Thanks to our wonderful violin instructor Ms. Vira and guitar instructor, Mr. Jonathan.




Welcome New and Returning Students

Joao S

Rakshan S

Nithila K

Aiysha S

Ender V

Nathalie M

Aastha S

Manas R

Evan L

Juri Z

Mikaela W

Aeron C

Charlotte K

Mei Lin H

Kria J

Karnan J

Kevin H

Chizo A

Irena C

Reeyansh S

Evana J

Damien M

Aryan G

Ishaan G

Shiwen L

Naahlya H

Lankesh S

Jason W

Raphael L

Felicity T

Olena M

Bentlie W

David M

Julia K

Noah N

Kristoffer M

Logan W

Breanne G

Is Your Teacher Fully Booked?

Many teachers are very popular and quickly become fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us, and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about opening in December, send an e-mail to or call/text us at 905-276-0251.

Here is a partial list of who’s currently full:


Angela W.: All Days SOLD OUT

Michael G.: Only TWO spots left

Miguel R.: All Days SOLD OUT

Henry G.: All Days SOLD OUT

Max M.: All Days SOLD OUT

Jonathan B.: Only TWO spots left

Noah C.: Only TWO spots left

Toprak M: Only TWO spots left


Michael G.: Only TWO spots left

Henry G.: Only ONE spot left

Max M.: All Days SOLD OUT

Jonathan B.: Only ONE spot left

Noah C.: Only ONE spot left


Anastasiya B: All Days SOLD OUT

Afshin E.: All Days SOLD OUT

Vira B.: All Days SOLD OUT

Jacey H.: Only ONE spot left

Angela W.: Only ONE spot left


Geoff M.: All Days SOLD OUT

Henry G.: Only ONE spots left

Max M: All Days SOLD OUT

Jonathan B.: Only ONE spot left

Noah C.: Only TWO spots left

Angela W.: Only ONE spot left


Anastasiya B: All Days SOLD OUT

Angela W.: All Days SOLD OUT

Danae O.: All Days SOLD OUT

Geoff M.: All Days SOLD OUT

Jerry Z.: Only TWO spots left

Katrina Z.: All Days SOLD OUT

Lesya K.: All Days SOLD OUT

Mariana C.: All Days SOLD OUT

Michael G.: All Days SOLD OUT

Oksana I.: All Days SOLD OUT

Robert M.: Only TWO spots left

Sam L.: All Days SOLD OUT

Vira B.: All Days SOLD OUT

Kyle M.: Only TWO spots left

Alana Y.: All Days SOLD OUT

Amjad A.: All Days SOLD OUT

Maxwell M.: Only TWO spots left

Kostantinos M.: Only THREE spots left

Andrea B.: All Days SOLD OUT

Tao Z.: Only THREE spots left

Noah C: Only TWO spots left

Adriana O.: Only THREE spots left


André R.: Only TWO spots left

Angela W.: All Days SOLD OUT

Danae O.: All Days SOLD OUT

Alana Y.: All Days SOLD OUT

Miguel R.: Only TWO spots left

Sam M.: All Days SOLD OUT

Andrea B.: All Days SOLD OUT

Noah C.: Only TWO spots left


Kyle M.: All Days SOLD OUT

Noah C.: Only TWO spots left

Toprak M.: Only THREE spots left



Afshin E.: All Days SOLD OUT

Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left

Jacey H: Only ONE spot left

Angela W.: Only ONE spot left



Robert M.: Only TWO spots left

Amjad A.: Only TWO spots left

Andrea B.: All Days SOLD O UT

Adriana O: Only Thee spots left

Angela W.: Only ONE spot left


André R.: Only TWO spots left

Jerry Z.: Only THREE spots left

Alana Y.: All Days SOLD OUT

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